Just a Girl with a Dream and a Song…

When I started thinking about what I wanted this building to be I wanted it to really share my heart for capturing love and what that looks like for all people. And I also wanted it to be something that connected me to the city of Clinton and my time growing up here. And then a song written by Ryan Long popped into my head. Spindle Tree. It's a song I sang at Young Life camps or riding around in my car with people I love or just at home in my room, or even in my dad's creative writing class at school. The lyrics, "as we walk and talk and dream, we are seeing a picture of things too seldom see" just reiterated all of my feelings and thoughts about starting this journey in the first place. Ryan, thank you so much for your beautiful lyrics that inspire me!

When I decided this was a name I really wanted to consider I decided to look into what a Spindle Tree actually is and the first things I saw just really spoke to me. "An under appreciated beauty". The alternate name, "hearts a-bustin" and "spindles are worthy of being a focal point amid a bed of perennials". And this just made me think of every person I've ever photographed - beautiful in your own and unique way. You all leave my heart a bustin' in the way you love each other and your desires to have that captured. And you are worthy of a focal point. Every single one of you. And as the song says, "what a sight to behold" you are.

This entire process of getting to this place has been crazy to say the least. And I was so nervous to share that we were doing this and you all showed me the most generous support. And I so need that because I'm sitting here, putting myself out into my community. "I'm leaning into you and you're leaning back into me" (seriously, you guys need to check out this song if you don't know it). Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This is truly a dream come true for me and there are so many people who helped make this happen for us!


On the personal side, I’ve been a photographer for 14 years and a mom of twins for six. While I grew up in Clinton, I took the long way coming home. When I graduated from high school I couldn’t wait to escape. I went to college in GA at Berry College. Then I got married, received a Master’s, worked numerous jobs until I decided it was time to take the photography business full time. I finally convinced my husband to pack up and move to TN where we called Knoxville home. But after having kids I decided it was time to move back to Clinton. We are so thankful to be a part of this town with our 2 year old pup Clara and our family and friends that also call this home and love us so good each and every day.